VWF Industries, with its multiple manufacturing facilities can process 1300 kgs of tungsten wires and 1300 kgs of Molybdenum wires per month.  In addition to this, it can process upto 18 million tungsten coils per month.  The following are the broad range of products it can produce.

Tungsten Filament for GLS Lamps

Tungsten Cathodes for Fluorescent lamps

Cathodes for Compact Fluorescent lamps

Tungsten Wire for filament

Moly Support Wire for lamp making

Associate Concerns of VWF Industries Ltd.,

Vijay Precision Dies Pvt. Ltd.,

An associate company engaged in the manufacture and reconditioning of various types of Diamond dies for wire drawing metals like Tungsten, Molybdenum, Copper, Steel, Brass, Gold & Silver.  Dies manufactured are exported to a wide reach of European and  Asian markets and also to the U.S. Products manufactured are the following -

Natural Diamond dies

Poly Crystalline dies

Mono Crystalline dies

This unit specializes in manufacturing filaments to specific customer requirements.  Products are mainly exported to the Central American and North European markets. The Products are -

Linear Halogen filaments for 'J' Lamps

Single coil filaments for Quartz Infra-red (QIR) Lamps

Single Coil filaments with spacers for copier lamps

Tungsten and Molybdenum mandrels

Metallising coils

Filaments for Video lamps

Litetronics Vijay, an associate company produce speciality long life lamps for European and American market under a technical and financial collaboration with Litetronics International, U.S.A.

Vijay Halocoils Pvt. Ltd.,

This unit specialises in the redraw of tungsten wire for a variety of applications such as metalizing, halogen, automotives and electronics.

Unique Wires Pvt. Ltd.,

This unit specializes in the redrawing of Molybdenum wires to cater to the Indian market.

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